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Sophia A. Jones + Associates (SAJA) is a global business, political and brand management consulting firm.


In my early years away at college I made a promise to my dad that I would never study or work in politics. He had good reasons to make the request, after all he had earned his badges in the political minefields of Jamaica as an agitator and activist. We both witnessed horrific things, all in the name of political progress and self-rule, as is too often the case with formerly colonized countries as they transition from imperial rule to independence.


Oh well, it turned out I was already bitten by the bug and I became a political scientist. I’ve loved every moment of it too! So after ten years of working alongside Marty Markowitz, the visionary politician who transformed Brooklyn into the hip and cool locale it is today, and after all the lessons learned…SAJA was  born.


We have great visions of our own and have grown in ways we could not have imagined.  We are vigilant and committed to growth! We are optimistic about the future!


• SAJA is transformative

• SAJA  is diplomatic

• SAJA is influencing

• SAJA is image and brand control

• SAJA is transformative

• SAJA  is diplomatic

• SAJA is influencing

• SAJA is image and brand control

We communicate exclusivity yet approachable




BROOKLYN, NY, June 2017— Believing that the years of physical and psychological abuse was typical of the mother-daughter conflict only to discover that it was anything but typical, a woman learned that her trauma was the result of her mother’s closely guarded secret—mental illness. A heartbreaking memoir of a daughter’s odyssey through hell to learn the truth about her mother.


Born of A Monster, the debut work of Sophia A. Jones was launched on Sunday, June 11th at the Caribbean Book Festival in Brooklyn.  It is available for purchase through its publisher SAJA Books at www.sophiajonesandassoc.com as well as at amazon.com.



Sophia A. Jones, a native of St. Elizabeth Jamaica, said that writing this book is the beginning of her ambitious agenda, “…to rip away the cloak of secrecy that has historically shrouded mental illness in Jamaica, and once and for all bring this very serious illness to light.” She stated that, “if we do not acknowledge the problem exits then we cannot deal with it.” The book is a daring attempt to challenge how we’ve individually and as global communities dealt with the issue of mental illness.



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Caribbean and Latin-American Business Women Breakfast Forum


BREUCKELEN Magazine - SAJA is the exclusive business consultant to this preeminent art and culture publication in Brooklyn, New York.


Migrating Sun - SAJA is the Caribbean consultant to this year long series of art exhibitions by Caribbean artists traveling throughout the Caribbean.


Est. 1646 - A branding campaign.


Who Our Clients Are

We serve organizations and individuals, such as;


• Business owners and executives


• Public/media personalities and entertainers


• Political professionals and organizations


• Caribbean candidates for offices in the diaspora


• The courageous individual with an interest in holding elected office


Caribbean + Latin-American Business Women Breakfast Forum


Purpose of our Forums


Sustainable development and economic growth that is both sustained and sustainable are possible only through improving the economic, social, political, legal and cultural status of women (UN Conference on Women, Beijing China, 1995)


The purpose of the Caribbean and Latin-American Business Women Breakfast Forums is to address challenges such as access to finance and markets, affordable office/work space, state of the art technology, training and skills development, etc., and develop innovative business models that support the growth of women's small and medium-sized businesses in and from this region.






When we started these forums we quickly realized that to effectively fulfill the needs of you, our business women, we had to know with absolute certainty that we understood your needs. To achieve this goal we developed a short survey, to help you… help us… help you! Please complete and submit.


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